Crowns vs. Fillings: Which is Best for You?

Categories: Tooth RepairPublished On: 21/06/20180 Comments10.2 min read
Gulnaz Cemiloglu

If you have a tooth that needs attention, our Mooroolbark dentist will provide you with the best treatment options available. In most cases, there is more than one to choose from.

Ultimately, your dental treatment is up to you, the patient, when it comes to which option you choose. Eternity Dental strives to inform and guide you, so that you can make the best decision regarding your dental health.


Preventing Additional Damage

When a tooth is broken or has a cavity, a filling is usually the first choice to repair it.  During this procedure, we remove the decayed section of the tooth and build the tooth back up by bonding filling material to it.

It’s important to know that fillings are not as strong as your natural tooth.  The larger the filling, the more compromised the tooth will be.  If you have a strong bite or eat hard foods, you could in fact, break the tooth off further. To avoid this, if we feel that the tooth would be too weak to fill, we may recommend a crown instead.


A Protective Outer Shell

 A crown is a fabricated shell of porcelain that is permanently cemented over your tooth to protect it.  During this procedure, we will need to reduce the tooth around the edges and its’ biting surface, so that when the crown is placed, it lines up properly with the other teeth.

A crown is beneficial because it’s made from very strong material.  So rather than chewing up and down on a tooth with a large weak filling, you will chew on the crown.  This practically eliminates the chances of the tooth breaking.  However, crowns are more expensive than fillings.  They also normally require at least two visits to complete.  The first appointment will be to reduce the tooth and place a temporary crown.  The second will be to cement the permanent crown.


Call at Eternity Dental in Mooroolbark today.  Together, we can find the best treatment options for your unique smile.