Veneers vs. Bonding: Which is Right for You?

Categories: Tooth RepairPublished On: 17/04/20180 Comments9.2 min read
Gulnaz Cemiloglu

You’re ready to enhance your smile. Whether it’s a tiny chip in your front tooth or several teeth that have been bothering you for years, Eternity Dental can help.

When it comes to covering or masking aesthetic irregularities in the “smile zone” of your mouth, there are typically two different options to consider aside from restorative crowns: dental veneers or composite bonding.

Get Full Coverage with Custom Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that mask the entire tooth behind them, essentially changing the way your teeth look when you smile. They’re best used in sets, rather than for one tooth. By placing 4+ veneers side-by-side, you can enhance the appearance of things such as:


  • Crooked or crowded teeth (some people refer to veneers as “instant braces”)
  • Enamel discoloration and staining
  • Uneven smiles
  • Misshaped teeth


Take a Minimalist Approach Through Bonding

Composite bonding uses tooth coloured materials (similar to what is used for white fillings) to rebuild small chips or irregularities in teeth. They’re ideal for smaller issues in one or two teeth, rather than multiple areas across the front of your smile.


You may want to opt for bonding if you have a:

  • Small gap between your teeth
  • Chipped or uneven tooth
  • Localized area of irregular tooth enamel
  • Exposed tooth root


Schedule a Consultation for More Information

A typical veneer case will take two or three appointments to complete, while bonding usually only requires one visit. Veneers also tend to be more of a financial investment than bonding is.

The Mooroolbark dentists at Eternity Dental are happy to discuss which options are best for your teeth. When it comes to quality and aesthetics, there’s a lot to consider. Schedule a smile makeover consultation to learn more about whether veneers or bonding are right for your smile.