Why Should My Child See a Dentist at Such a Young Age?

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Gulnaz Cemiloglu

Medical and dental professionals agree: A child should see a dentist by his or her first birthday (or whenever their first tooth erupts, whichever comes first.) Although this may seem a bit premature, there are some very good reasons why early dental care is the best thing for your son or daughter.

Preventing a Phobia of the Dentist

How many people do you know that are afraid of the dentist? Waiting until your child has pain or a cavity means their first impression of the dental office will be a negative one. Because modern dentistry is preventive in nature, it’s best to start those check-ups early. We want your child’s experience in our office to be one that they always look forward to.

 Stop Problems Before They Start

Most dental diseases are avoidable. If we see risk factors or atypical growth patterns that could lead to complex issues further down the road, we can take steps to keep those problems from happening. Most children benefit from a checkup and clean every six months, just like adults do. Thanks to services like protective sealants and fluoride treatments, your child can avoid the most common childhood disease: tooth decay.

 Earlier Diagnosis, Less Invasive Care

The sooner a cavity is diagnosed, the smaller and easier it is to fix. Not only is this gentler on your child, it’s also easier on your wallet. Waiting to see the dentist until your child is in pain means that the infection has been spreading for quite some time. Instead of basic dental work, they may need something more complex.

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