The dental clinic Kilsyth residents choose

A dentist just down the road from Kilsyth

Highly experienced and friendly dentists to take care of your dental health

When looking for a dentist in the local area of Kilsyth, many residents choose to come to us here at Eternity Dental. Just minutes down the road from Hawthory Rd, Eternity dental provides a high standard of dental care for the wider area. We have dentists with many years of experience under their belts and equipment and facilities that allow us to provide a range of dental services ranging from basic dental cleaning to emergency dental to dental implants and braces. Our reception staff are friendly and they will get you booked into a time that suits you so go ahead and give them a call and let us take care of your dental health so you can enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiling.


Here at Eternity Dental we strive to provide a positive experience, in a relaxed, gentle and professional manner.

Dr Gulnaz (Rose) Cemiloglu

We are proud to offer dental cleaning, simple fillings, crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, restoration of implants, extractions, dentures and now orthodontics all under one roof.

Dr Himashi (Mashi) Amarapala