Children’s Dental

At Eternity Dental we enjoy seeing children and try to emphasise the importance of setting good dental habits while young. Good dental hygiene while young means that you’re much less likely to have issues when you’re older. Prevention is better than cure!

Childrens Dentistry

Prevention Strategies

Children’s dentistry is focused on preventing and treating dental conditions that are commonly found in children. We are focused on teaching your child how to take care of their teeth so that preventable dental diseases should not occur. The aim of preventive dentistry is to ensure that your child can have their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Children’s oral hygiene instructions

We will teach your child how to brush the correct way. This includes the correct brushing technique which will remove the plaque more effectively. We also show you how to choose the best toothbrush size for your child. Flossing is also shown to your child so that they may learn how to clean between their tight tooth contacts.

Preventative procedures for children

Our preventive procedures are aimed at preventing debilitating dental diseases from occurring, such as dental caries. We perform fluoride treatments which deliver fluoride to the teeth and strengthen them against cavity formation. We also place fissure sealants. These are barriers of filling materials placed on teeth that are more vulnerable to tooth decay. These vulnerable teeth are those that have deep fissures and are thus more prone to having food accumulate on them and hence more prone to tooth decay.

Tooth fillings

Your child may need to get some of their teeth filled if there is a cavity and the tooth needs to be preserved for its function of chewing. We aim to fill the teeth because it will eliminate symptoms and prevent early tooth loss.

Tooth extractions

There are several reasons as to why we will need to perform tooth extraction. These include:

  1. Over- retained deciduous teeth: some of your child’s milk teeth may over stay in the mouth, thereby blocking the eruption of the permanent ones. When this happens, tooth extraction of the deciduous tooth has to be done to allow the permanent one to erupt.
  2. Crowding: when your child’s teeth are too crowded, your orthodontist may recommend extraction of some teeth in order to create room for proper alignment of the teeth.
  3. Severely infected teeth: this occurs in severe cavities, especially of deciduous teeth. We may have to extract a tooth because of severe decay.

Eternity Dental’s bulk billed services

We are also able to provide a bulk billed service for those children who are recipients of the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS).

Call us to see if your child can take advantage of up to $1000 of treatment if required.