Teeth Whitening

At Eternity Dental we use take home bleach trays custom designed for you. This home bleaching allows you to control of the process, increasing safety and value as you get the bright, beautiful smile you desire.

Teeth whitening

Beautifully white teeth

We do teeth whitening in order to restore the color of your teeth. Over time, you may notice that the color of your teeth changes. This is normal because your teeth would have been exposed to several drinks and foods that alter the natural color of teeth. If you are older in age, loss of natural color comes with age just as the hair starts to gray. Our solution for loss of natural color is teeth whitening.

When to have your teeth whitened

It is recommended that you have your regular dental check-ups, where we can assess and determine the timing for bleaching. There are a number of factors that we consider before embarking of tooth whitening. Also, if you are personally not satisfied with the color of your teeth, we are likely to recommend bleaching, to a suitable shade.

Benefits of whitening teeth

The natural color of your teeth will be restored with our home bleaching kit, thereby giving you a brighter smile and also boosting your confidence.

What’s the teeth whitening process?

We will make a special tray for you, which is similar to a gum guard. This is a clear bleaching tray which you will use to apply the bleaching agent. The tray is customized in order to enhance the fit of the tray, thereby, enhancing the effect of the bleach on all your tooth surfaces.

Our bleach trays are customized to your exact fit and are individualized in order to provide the best results by delivering 7.5% hydrogen peroxide to your tooth surface. The hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in the bleaching agent and it makes your teeth whiter.

We recommend that you use the bleaching agent for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, you will be required to apply the solution to the tray and have the tray on for up to 1 hour. However, we may adjust the timeframe depending on the severity of the discoloration and the desired outcome. For instance, if you are a heavy smoker and have severe stains, we may recommend longer treatment time. This timeframe will give the desired effect on the tooth, thereby, giving the best results.

If you too would like brilliant white teeth, then book online or call our friendly team at Eternity Dental and we can get you booked in.