Tooth Repair & Fillings

We provide tooth coloured fillings to repair teeth after they have chipped due to trauma, or to replace lost tooth tissue from the removal of dental decay. Using filings we are also able to straighten crooked teeth by bonding fillings to the face of the teeth to alter their appearance.


Importance of saving teeth!

1. To preserve function: to aid you when chewing
2. To maintain the dental arch: to prevent bone shrinkage associated with tooth loss
3. For aesthetics: improve your appearance
4. To preserve the surrounding bone

Teeth Filling

Teeth may be damaged due to various reasons. When they are damaged it is important they are assessed and a filling, or restoration, is placed in order to repair or protect the integrity of the tooth. Teeth may be damaged due to trauma, dental decay, or general wear over time.

Types of fillings

There are several types of fillings that can be done. The choice of filling that is best for you depends on the extent of the cavity and the tooth involved. For instance, your back teeth will require us to use a filling material that would be able to withstand the strong chewing forces without fracturing. In the case of a cavity on your front teeth, the best option would be to use a material that is the same colour as your other teeth, so that your appearance is not altered.

Importance of filling teeth

Your teeth have to be filled because it is always better to preserve the natural tooth than to go for extraction and replace it with an artificial one. Natural teeth are the best because the surrounding bone tissue can be preserved and the natural teeth are better able to withstand the chewing forces than would an artificial tooth. If left untreated, a shallow cavity would result in involvement of the nerves of the tooth, thereby requiring a more costly root canal treatment or even tooth extraction.

Save that tooth!

We are able to repair your fractured teeth and also do fillings on teeth with small cavities. A fractured tooth may not give pain initially, however, if left untreated, the tooth will become symptomatic and give a lot of excruciating pain. When this happens, we may have to perform root canal treatment which will be a more costly and will also require several appointments.

Why we fill teeth

Teeth are damaged for several reasons which may include tooth decay, trauma and also general wear. We place a filling on your teeth and even repair fracture teeth so that the integrity and function of your tooth are preserved. A filling will add longevity to your tooth and will allow you to use it for chewing for a good length of time.

At eternity dental, we use modern and newer generations of filling materials that are both functionally and aesthetically ideal for your teeth.

If you have a fractured tooth that is painless or even a cavity that hasn’t started giving you sleepless nights, do not hesitate to call us. We are also able to detect tiny cavities at your regular dental check-up appointments.

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