Top Three Smile Makeover Treatments

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Gulnaz Cemiloglu

Every smile makeover that we perform at our Mooroolbark dentist office is unique. For some individuals, only one treatment is needed; others opt for a combination of two or three, for a more comprehensive approach to their aesthetic goals.

At Eternity Dental, these are top three cosmetic treatments that we offer:

Porcelain Veneers

For the most dramatic impact on the way your teeth look, porcelain veneers are one of the best choices. Each veneer bonds to the natural tooth behind it, masking the appearance of aesthetic imperfections such as crowding, discoloration, uneven enamel, etc.

Veneers are usually completed in a two or three-visit process, depending on the type of veneers that you choose. As soon as they’re in place, it will make your smile look completely different.

Teeth Whitening

Simply lightening the colour of your teeth may be the only thing necessary to take your appearance to the next level. Teeth whitening is a great option to consider if you have healthy, straight teeth, or before planning more permanent treatments that need to match your existing smile.

Opt for take home teeth whitening that you complete in the convenience of your own home, rather than weaker kits you can buy at the grocery store. You’ll see better results that are easy to maintain throughout the years.

White Fillings and Crowns

If your smile has been impacted by tooth decay, trauma, or other structural issues, then a cosmetic restoration can improve its health and appearance. These restorations are custom-matched to the colour of the teeth around them, letting them blend in with your smile rather than stand out.

Not only are white fillings aesthetically pleasing, they’re less invasive to your tooth.

Which one — or two — is right for you? Contact Eternity Dental in Mooroolbark to schedule a cosmetic consultation today.