Big Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

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Gulnaz Cemiloglu

If you’re wondering whether or not dental implants are worthy of all of the rage you’ve been hearing on TV and the radio, then continue reading. Over the past decade, these modern tooth replacements have transformed the way we at Eternity Dental treat problems related to missing teeth. When someone is a candidate for implant therapy, we believe it can be the very best treatment option available.

Here’s why:

Implants are made to last for decades

Investing in dental implants is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make when it comes to replacing missing teeth. That’s because dental implants are successful in nearly 98% of cases. In most situations, an implant can last for several decades. Although the restorations on top can gradually wear out over time, the implant underneath is extremely predictable.

Biocompatible materials bond with your natural anatomy

One of the biggest problems that happens when someone loses a tooth, is that the bone around that area starts to shrink away as a result. This can cause your face to feel sunken in or your jaw to look shallower. Adjacent teeth can drift inward, causing misalignment of your entire occlusion (bite.) With implants, the titanium materials trigger “osseointegration”, a process where bone fuses with the implant, securing it permanently into your jaw and strengthening your bite. This maintains the bone where the tooth was previously extracted.

Less damage to existing teeth

If a tooth was to be replaced prior to implants a bridge was the options of choice. Although bridges are sometimes a treatment option we will suggest in certain circumstances, the abutment or anchor tooth/teeth will need preparation in order for the bridge to slot over the tooth. If the tooth is a healthy tooth you are in fact damaging a healthy tooth. Having an implant prevents issues with abutment teeth.

Perfect for any number of missing teeth

From full arch “All-on-4” implant supported dentures to single missing teeth, dental implants offer a variety of uses. That means if you’re missing 1, 5, or all of your teeth, you can incorporate implants into your long-term restoration plan. With implants, you can enjoy permanent new teeth that don’t shift or lift out of place. And unlike other treatments (such as traditional bridges,) implants aren’t invasive to adjacent teeth because they function independently.

Find out if you’re a candidate for our Mooroolbark dental implants by scheduling a consultation at Eternity Dental today! You’ll never know until you find out for yourself.