How to Clean Your Braces

Categories: Dental HygienePublished On: 30/03/20180 Comments9.6 min read
Gulnaz Cemiloglu

Whether you’re 14 or 40, getting braces always takes some getting used to. At Eternity Dental we especially want to emphasize how important it is to carefully clean around your fixed orthodontic appliances each day.


Here are a few basics you should be aware of:


Brush Between Your Bracket and Next to the Gums 

Plaque tends to accumulate the most around fixed brackets, because of the extra time they take to clean and the added number of surfaces to attach to. The most important areas to pay attention to are between each bracket (under the wire) and between the bracket and the gumlines. You may find that it’s best to aim your brush one direction, clean across your mouth, then aim it another way and come back over it again.

Special tufted brushes and electric toothbrushes can make these areas easier to clean more efficiently.


Floss Daily (Water Flossers Work Too!) 

Brushing only does so much. You’ll also need to clean between your teeth where they touch side by side. A floss threader or water flosser is ideal. With a threader, simply manoeuvre the floss under the wire and then wrap it around the side of your tooth in a “C” shape before gently rubbing up and down along the side and just below the gumlines.


Supplement with Fluoride 

A fluoride rinse or gel can help keep tooth enamel strong, especially in areas that may tend to demineralize when plaque sets around your braces for very long. Ask our Mooroolbark dentists about the type of fluoride that will work best for your situation.


By the time you make your new oral hygiene habits a part of your daily schedule, it will nearly be time to get your brackets and wires removed. Talk to our Mooroolbark dentists if you have any other questions on how to take care of your braces.