Benefits of Straightening Your Child’s Smile

Categories: Children's DentistryPublished On: 18/09/2017Comments Off on Benefits of Straightening Your Child’s Smile9 min read
Gulnaz Cemiloglu

Do children really need to get braces at a young age? As your child is growing and their oral anatomy is developing, this may be the best time of all to address problems like tooth alignment. Here’s why:

Encourage Adult Teeth to Erupt Properly

The eruption patterns of a child’s permanent teeth are largely impacted by the positioning of their baby teeth. These primary teeth act as guides that lead the underlying adult teeth into the correct location.

Crowding, premature tooth loss, or other types of bite discrepancies in a child could unfortunately lead to more extensive orthodontic problems that require lengthier treatments to correct.

Optimise Oral Health

Straighter teeth are generally easier to care for and keep clean. Alternatively, teeth that are crowded or misaligned will usually be more prone to developing cavities or gum disease around them. Giving your child a straight smile at a younger age can benefit them well into adulthood.

Give Them the Freedom to be Care Free

Crooked or buck teeth aren’t just embarrassing for adults; they can also affect your child’s self-esteem. If they feel too embarrassed to smile around other people, they will likely keep to themselves more. Correcting the aesthetic problems caused by misaligned teeth can give your child their childhood back.

Limit Dental Emergencies

Did you know that jetted out front teeth are usually the first to be involved in a dental emergency? Broken or chipped teeth almost always impact the upper front teeth the most. Bringing those teeth back into alignment where they can be protected by the upper lip will reduce the chance of injury.

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