Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable devices that are intended to replace missing teeth that are important in order to improve the aesthetics and/or function of your mouth.


What are Dentures?

Dentures are dental prosthesis that are removable. We make them in order to replace missing teeth so that normal tooth function can be restored. Also, a denture is made so that the adjacent teeth to your missing one do not drift into the space of the missing one and cause other complications such as bad bite. Apart from making new dentures, we also repair damaged dentures or fractured dentures. You can visit us if you have an existing denture and it has been damaged or fractured, we will make an assessment and advise whether you need a new one or if we can do a denture repair.

Types of dentures

Dentures can either be made of plastic or metal or a combination of both. The plastic dentures are made using acrylic while the metal ones are made from chrome. The type of material that we choose is based on what best suits your prosthetic needs. Before we can make the denture, we will assess your missing teeth as well as the remaining teeth in your mouth. We make this assessment in consultation with our dental laboratory technician, who is responsible for fabricating the denture in the dental laboratory.

Procedure of getting dentures

We will take an impression or imprint of both your upper and lower teeth and jaws. This will give us an accurate imprint of your bite. This imprint is taken using special dental materials, which are then cast to produce a positive cast. This cast is what our dental technician will use to fabricate the denture.

The denture may take a few days, depending on the design and the material being used. After the fabrication of the denture, it will be delivered and fitted into your mouth. It is important for us to try it in so that in case it being too tight, we can adjust it so that it fits well. After the fitting, we also give you aftercare and home care instructions to ensure that you keep your denture for a longer period.

After dentures care

You must take good care of your denture because it can be a source of infections that will cause your denture not to fit well. You also need to make sure that you keep your denture clean by cleaning brushing it.

Our dentists are able to provide you with either a part or complete denture.

Call us so we can assess your mouth and provide a stable denture to improve your function and aesthetics.