Are Cavities Reversible?

Checking for cavities

If you’ve been on Pinterest any time recently, you’ve probably seen personal or sponsored posts that have something to do with “healing cavities the natural way” or “reversing tooth decay without seeing your dentist.” But could these headlines be too good to be true? Yes and no. The truth is, a full blown cavity cannot be fixed, healed, or have the tooth “grow back” by using some magic formula in your bathroom. But if the cavity is only in the beginning stages — we’re talking enamel demineralization on the most outer layers of the tooth — then it can be … Continue reading

How to Prevent Tooth Loss

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Did you know that most types of tooth loss can be avoided? Of course, there will always be exceptions here and there, but when it comes to the most common situations we see in our Mooroolbark dentist office, there are steps you can take to prevent tooth loss from happening before it’s too late.   Here are a few tips: Wear a Protective Mouthguard During Athletic Activities Dental injuries occur every day, especially to athletes (no matter their age.) Wearing a custom fitted mouthguard offers the best protection against knocked out teeth and concussions.   Floss Every Day The leading … Continue reading

Five Signs Your Wisdom Teeth May Need to be Removed

woman with wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth are the third molars in the far back of the mouth.  There are four of them; two on each side, one on the top and one on the bottom. Some people don’t develop wisdom teeth.  Others develop them, but they stay impacted in the bone, never to be seen.  In more cases than not, people will have to get their wisdom teeth extracted for various reasons. If you experience any of the following, it may be a sign that you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed.  Eternity Dental in Mooroolbark will gladly give you a recommendation … Continue reading

Three Health Conditions Linked with Gum Disease

Woman with gum disease having heart trouble

Did you know that if you’re not brushing and flossing thoroughly, you could be impacting your overall level of health? Although there are dozens of known medical conditions now linked with gum disease, here are some of the few that most commonly impact our Mooroolbark patients:   Diabetes  A diabetic is extremely susceptible to uncontrolled glucose levels if they are also suffering from gum disease. The severity of one often goes hand-in-hand with the other. Unfortunately, it’s extremely challenging (if not impossible) to regulate blood sugar if there’s an active oral infection co-existing. The easiest way to get both under … Continue reading

Advantages of Getting Braces as an Adult

adult woman with braces

You might be thinking, “I’m too old to get braces,” or “I’ll look silly if I see an orthodontist at my age.” But did you know that there are dozens of reasons why getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is one of the best things you can do for yourself? Here are just a few to consider: Help Your Teeth Function More Efficiently Are you starting to see your teeth wear down? Sharp, uneven edges or broken dental restorations may be due to uneven biting pressure in key areas of your mouth. Our Mooroolbark dentists can check your occlusion (bite) … Continue reading

Top Five Signs of Gum Disease

woman with swollen gum

Gum disease is a generalized term that encompasses everything from mild gingivitis to complex periodontitis. Sadly, it’s also the main cause of tooth loss in adults. But fortunately enough, if you identify the condition early it can be reversed. Waiting too long to treat it could wreak havoc on your smile for years to come. Do you have gum disease? Watch for these common symptoms: Bleeding gums It’s not normal for gums to bleed. When your toothbrush or floss turns pink, it may mean you need to clean your teeth more regularly. Let your dentist know if symptoms don’t improve … Continue reading

4 Common Reasons for Sensitive Teeth

woman with sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth may sound very insignificant but it’s one of the most serious dental issues after dental decay seen by dentists worldwide. A recent survey done in Australia revealed that at least 45% of families have at least one member that’s affected with tooth sensitivity So what is sensitivity of teeth? Sensitivity can be described as a sharp and short sensation of pain experienced while consuming anything hot, cold or acidic in nature. Some people may also experience sensitivity even while having something sweet. How does sensitivity occur? Sensitivity is primarily caused with the exposure of dentine. Our teeth has … Continue reading

How Heartburn Can Affect Your Oral Health

man with heartburn

The Link between Heartburn and Oral Health Heartburn, also known as acid indigestion is a burning sensation in the chest. It is triggered by the regurgitation of gastric acid from the stomach into the oesaphagus and is something that is common.At times, you might suffer after overeating. However, in most instances it is an indication of a bigger problem, for instance gastroesophageal reflux disease also known as GORD. While heartburn may easily be dismissed as a minor problem, it is one of the few serious complications that can have a negative effect on oral health. There is actually a relationship … Continue reading