Advantages of Getting Braces as an Adult

adult woman with braces

You might be thinking, “I’m too old to get braces,” or “I’ll look silly if I see an orthodontist at my age.” But did you know that there are dozens of reasons why getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is one of the best things you can do for yourself? Here are just a few to consider:

Help Your Teeth Function More Efficiently

Are you starting to see your teeth wear down? Sharp, uneven edges or broken dental restorations may be due to uneven biting pressure in key areas of your mouth. Our Mooroolbark dentists can check your occlusion (bite) to see where these pressure points are, and discuss whether or not braces can help.

Lower Your Chances of Tooth Decay

Crowded and crooked teeth are more likely to develop cavities than their straight counterparts are. Even if you brush routinely, these areas can be skipped over with your toothbrush bristles and tend to harbor more bacteria, which leads us to the next point…

Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Like tooth decay, misaligned teeth are usually the first ones to succumb to gum disease (periodontitis.) Some dentists and periodontists consider orthodontic therapy to be a valuable tool in periodontal treatment plans.

At Eternity Dental, we offer orthodontic consultations for adults and children alike. If you’re thinking about getting braces and live in the Mooroolbark area, we invite you to schedule a visit today!